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God and Society
With the continued attacks against the law of God and the independance of the Church we need to be armed with solid Catholic teaching. An encyclical written in 1888, by Pope LeoXIII, called Libertas praestantissimum, is a magnificent exposition on human freedom and the state. It is so relevant that it could have been written just a few days ago concerning the problems we are having today. You can find it here http://www.papalencyclicals.net/Leo13/index.htm. This is a must read for Lent. Fr Pasley
Date:  February 17, 2012

Our website has served us well throughout the years but is getting old and not very interesting. We are in the process of updating it. Please visit our facebook page - Mater Ecclesiae. We hope to start a blog and add some other very interesting characteristics. Please stop back and visit often. Fr. Pasley
Date:  February 17, 2012

Calling All Singers

The Cum Jubilo Festival Chorus has completed the Spring Choir Schedule and will take a well-deserved break. Practice will begin again in August. See Agnes Mulholland if you would like to join the choir. The repertoire includes English and Latin hymns in 4 parts.

He who sings prays twice!

Date:  July 03, 2011

2012 Masses

Our 2012 Mass Book is now open.

Announced Masses are currently $15. as per Diocesan policy. We also offer enrollment into the Purgatorial Society for $25. One Mass every month (Wednesday at 7:30 PM) is designated for those enrolled for 3 years.

Date:  July 03, 2011

Mater Ecclesiae Rugby


We are made up mostly of homeschooled children from the Camden Diocese and welcome anyone interested in learning how to play this great game and making some new friends. Rugby is a game you can play for a lifetime and at Mater Ecclesiae we strive to do everything in the context of our Holy Catholic Faith. That is the young men that wear the Mater Ecclesiae Crest will have a devotion to Our Lady, will be Catholic gentlemen on and off the pitch, and set an example for the younger boys who will look to them as the next generation of players. The Little Gryphons practice each Sunday around 1 PM.  If your son is interested contact Coach Chris Hasson at cwhasson@verizon.net.


Date:  September 21, 2009

Mater Ecclesiae Drama Club

Mater Ecclesiae's Drama Club classes began on Tuesday, September 15. We meet in Bishop DiMarzio Hall on Tuesdays at approximately 3:30 PM for interested children in the nine and ten year old group. This will be a pilot program to get the younger students started in drama and will probably convene when the older students begin their rehearsals for the end-of-year production.


The Young Adult Group, ages 11 and up will be meeting for classes from approximately 4:15 PM to 6:00 PM on the same day. Students will learn improvisation, mime, breathing techniques, diction, voice projection, make-up, characterization, and stage direction. They will also act perform monologues and scenes, have instruction on costumes and hairstyles for different time periods, and will learn about props, sound effects and stage management. Hopefully, this will bring us to our third early summer production in 2011.


If you have any questions, please call me at 856-228-3172 or e-mail me at gulthar@comcast.net

Thank you, Linda Hasson

Date:  September 21, 2009

Latin Classes Forming this Fall

Learn the Language of the Liturgy at Mater Ecclesiae

“Lessons in Liturgical Latin” is an attempt to teach the basics of the Latin language by using the “Ordo et Canon Missae” (the order and canon of the mass) as the only teaching resource. Starting with the “Aspérges mē” and ending with the beginning of the Gospel of John, you will be guided through a variety of grammatical structures as they appear in the liturgy.

Check the Knights of Columbus website for details.

Date:  June 08, 2009

Dress Code!

Dress Code


We want to foster the greatest reverence and respect for Our Lord at Mater Ecclesiae. Our attire is an outward expression of our love for the Lord and shows how important He is to us. It is also a sign of our respect for the House of God.


Therefore, one should always wear their “Sunday Best” to Mass: modesty, good taste and common sense should prevail. Accordingly, the following rules apply:




• Women: No revealing clothing, low necklines, short skirts or bare midriffs.

Please dress modestly with dignity and self-respect. We suggest that women wear a head covering.


• Men: No tattered, soiled work clothes, old jeans or gym clothes. Please wear “business or business casual attire” to set a good example for our young men and boys.

Date:  May 20, 2009

Blessed Imelda Veils

Blessed Imelda Veils

Beautifully handcrafted with love by a young lady from our parish, these fine quality lace veils in assorted colors, sizes and styles are available in the Padre Pio Gift Shop.

Stop in and check out the display.

Date:  March 24, 2009

Prayer Chain for Special Intentions & Intercessory Prayer
Mater Ecclesiae parishioners who have a need for intercessory prayers or who wish to commit to participate in our newly formed Prayer Chain should contact Lou DiLoreto at 609-304-4911 or sifulou@comcast.net.
Date:  May 05, 2008

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